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Time to put yourself on the map

Developer description is the first social platform ever where people can own their place on the map.
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Editor's review

Published 13 Mar 2014

We like uniqueness here at the FeedMyApp offices. We like apps that we've never seen evidence of before and we like clever and enterprising ideas. Maplace is a social advertising app that manages to hit all those criteria. It helps you promote yourself or your business, share ideas with local customers or people anywhere else in the world and locates your photo on a grid map so that everyone will always know where to find you. You've heard about 'putting yourself on the map?' Well, here's an app that does that for you - literally! is the first-ever social application where people can own their own place on a map. It allows you to promote yourself by placing a photo on a map so that you aren't just part of a database of names. The photo can be connected to anything in your life or it can simply be a picture to promote yourself. The unique grid lets you upload a picture or your logo and be more visible to others when anyone comes looking for you. It helps you promote yourself in your chosen locations, helps you get the right people and helps you share information. Maplace can be used simply with a photo of your house (or yourself) if you want to let people know where you live but can also be a vital communication for your shop, warehouse, museum, gym or farm. is for anybody and everybody but mostly for people or companies who are looking for a new way to promote themselves - with permanent visibility - on the map in the form of a square filled by your image or logo.
Maplace is a great way to promote your business and show people where you are on a map - which is especially useful if you are a newly established one. It's an incredibly simple app to use and does nothing except put a photo of your choice at your location on the Maplace map so that people around you know exactly where you are and can see the other attractions around you. It also gives you, as a business, the opportunity to cross promote with compatible people around you. Rather than having to search through databases of shops and businesses, with a Maplace listing, it'll be you that stands out. Watch out for new features coming soon.

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