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If only Brian Wilson had this music app when he created Pet Sounds

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Published 29 Mar 2013

[cont'd] that you have a look at some of the excellent tutorials available to fully come to grips with how useful this app will be to the budding musician or music teacher. Try this one for starters:
I have to admit that a lot of the features for this music application go way over my head and test my musical technicalities but, to the teacher, student or songwriter, I have no doubt they will be a blessing in disguise. Despite the app's apparent complexities it is remarkably simple to use and I kinda like the 'old school' look that it has. As I said earlier, Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro's main function in life remains as a way of tracking true musical and harmonic progressions but it is packed full of other great technical features that would more than likely have Brian Wilson foaming at the mouth. Just to think that in the days when Wilson and the Beach Boys created the legendary album "Pet Sounds" they did it all by ear. Kind of ironic too as Brian was deaf in one of his. To sum up, Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro will prove to be a must have app for students, teachers, musicians and songwriters. Oh and did i mention that it is a dream to use on iPad?