Developer description

MapShot is the map based photo sharing iTunes app. By leveraging geo-tagging, MapShot displays pictures on the map (not as a pin on the map) wherever they were taken with the users' iPhones. It's an explorer's dream.
"All pictures have a time AND a place," says MapShot Founder David Smooke. "I want to make a beautiful, interactive, and collaborative map of the world." The higher the social engagement (likes, comments and shares), the bigger picture will appear in MapShot!
The app could uncover who took the best picture where.
The free features of the MapShot iPhone App are:
World Map: All pictures are displayed where they are taken - on the background of the map (not as a pin!) - and they cover more land area with each like, comment, and share.
Full iOS7 Apple Maps zoom capabilities.
Photo Upload: Upload your favorite pictures (individual upload and mass upload), have them display on map where they were previously taken, or users can take picture through app.
MapShot Geo-tags and Geo-stamps all pictures.
Photo Search: Users can search for all countries, states, cities, towns, picture titles, and user names.
Photo NewsFeed: Linear feed of whoever the user follows.
Map Profile Page: Each user's personal map, displaying uploads, liked images, and the uploads of the people the user follows.

Last updated 24 May 2014

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