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Published 27 May 2012

If you asked people worldwide whether they thought Barack Obama's endorsement of same sex marriage equality would harm his chances of re-election what do you think the response would be? Well, you could make a guess based on what you read in the paper or you could find out for yourself by asking the question in MapYourVote and getting responses directly from the horse's mouth. But while this free social research application can deal with serious issues it can also be used as a whole heap of fun by asking less life-defining questions without fear of ridicule.
MapYourVote allows you to ask questions and conduct polls and let the world answer. The results are then presented using a fun, fully interactive thematic map which could possibly give you a better understanding of opinions across the globe. You can also narrow your poll results by zooming into subregions or by adding demographic filters like gender, age, location, political stance or religion. The comment and discussion section associated with each poll  is directly linked to the map. If you zoom into a subregion or apply a specific filter the page updates to show comments and discussions from that region and demographic. It provides an unprecedented medium for ideas and questions to flow between one side of the world and the other. Use it for fun, use it for business or just use it to stay connected.
You can use MapYourVote for serious or fun exploits. Ask the world...