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Marbleey - Don’t let boredom win!

Ask yourself - what do you usually do to combat boredom? Do you just stare aimlessly out of train and bus
windows, with no clue about how to keep yourself busy? You can only play align so much “candy” before
you start yawning to stay awake. Enough of those overplayed games.

Marbleey is a new kind of boredom-buster. Designed for guys, girls, kids, teens, and young adults,
Marbleey is bringing gaming back to basics, keeping things simple and fun. No fluff. No bells or whistles.

Marbleey is a simple mobile game that’s evolved from a small experiment into an exciting new adventure in
the mobile gaming market. This hyper-casual activity sees the player dodging dangerous objects by tapping
the screen to determine how high Marbleey, the little ball that finds itself in danger, jumps. This alternate
universe of endless adventure will see you navigating your way over and past obstacles while trying to
collect as many coins as possible. Gather superpowers along the way to make your expedition easier. With
enough coins, you can purchase more superpowers or change how Marbleey the ball looks.

Marbleey is a FREE game that will keep you busy addicted for hours. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! It’s
unlike anything you’ve played before. A quick download from Google Play or the App Store will provide
hours of time-wasting fun. You’ll be hooked from the very first play - BUT - the fun is only half the story.

Marbleey has been designed to stimulate your brain, helping you quickly adapt to new challenges and soar
through all 36 levels (in 3 different worlds, with more worlds to be added in the future). Each world has new
enemies to fight, superpowers to win, and actions to perform. Will you emerge victorious in the face of

Marbleey is the brainchild of Nudge-Labs, a small startup from Slovenia. As mobile app development
specialists, and cloud solution gurus, we are passionate about creating experience at heart. We strive to
create not just games, but experiences that rescue people from boredom - whether you’re stuck on a
5-hour train journey or on the toilet for longer than expected (to be fair Marbleey is known to be the cause
of such situations as well).

Check out Marbleey on Google Play or the App Store today - we are grateful for all the support we get.
Love it? Share it with your fans and followers and get others excited about the Marbleey movement. It’s
FREE to download and play, and always will be.
Don’t let boredom win. Download Marbleey today - for FREE!

● Smooth (and tough) “one touch” gameplay
● 36+ challenging levels
● Earn coins to unlock superpowers and new Marbleey balls
● Share screenshots of your scores on social media
● Immerse in an alternate world of color and stunning visuals

Last updated 14 Mar 2019

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