Developer description provides a collaborative platform to tap into the best marketing and commercialization experts around the world to launch your ideas and projects to market. With Connect > Collaborate > Launch platform, expands your marketing and commercialization capabilities to 368 skills and to 122 specific end markets.
Connect: uses unique “Project Creative Brief” tools that ensure that projects are connected to experts with targeted end market and leverages their core category experience. Customers can perform due diligence on each expert by viewing each their unique profile, portfolio, ratings, recommendations and feedback for past projects.
Collaborate: In addition to connecting projects with experts, provides a collaboration platform to systematically mange your projects from concept to launch. Project specific workroom with project management, messaging and payment functionality ensures that all members on your project team work have open and clear channels of communication and execute the project in a timely manner.
Launch: enables real open innovation by helping launch your ideas and projects to market, turning your vision to reality and help generate revenue and profits.

Last updated 5 Apr 2011