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The Marketecture Total Online Business System is the only all-in-one business platform built ... More

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Published 20 May 2013

We've spoken here plenty of times before and written many a positive review of apps that allow you to better control various aspects of your business website. There are apps to help the web designer put together a great website, ones to market your business online and others to help you analyze your business and optimize its growth potential. There are very few, however, that provide absolutely everything that a business needs to build and grow to fulfill that potential. But here is a new business app that has got the lot. The Marketecture Total Online Business System is the only all-in-one business platform built from the ground up with every piece of technology that a business owner needs to expand online and succeed.
The Total Online Business System helps owners build, launch, optimize and  maintain a website and find and retain customers. It also helps you generate revenue using blogs, email, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social, local and mobile marketing tools that are designed to draw customers to your site fast. This one-stop platform also offers a wide variety of integrated business apps including a drag-and-drop website designer, a logo builder, social connectors for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Yelp and Google+, a great CRM - take a deep breath here - a newsletter and an email campaign builder, merchant and payments systems, ecommerce and complete products catalog, an app for reservations, business calendaring, social design and prospecting tools, team member management, local business listing and management, social media...