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Could this be the Pinterest for bloggers

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Massium is an online platform that connects readers to bloggers and vice versa. Our mission is ... More

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Published 26 Sep 2012

Massium is a portmanteau that derives its name from the two words mass + medium. It is one of those applications that serves two masters. It calls itself the intermediary between bloggers and readers and makes it easier to find quality content based on specific interests as well as helping bloggers promote their blogs. This simple to use news and blogging app leads readers to articles on favorite subjects and by their favorite writers to discover new bloggers. This increases the readership and traffic to your blog as well as targeting the right audience for repeat viewings.
Massium is a is an online platform that connects readers to bloggers and vice versa and its mission is to make it easier for readers to find quality content based on their interests while helping bloggers promote their blogs. Read what you love as well as articles by experts from their field. You can follow your favorite authors and discover new blogs from writers that interest you. For bloggers, you can increase your readership and blog traffic by building back links back to your website based and target a specific audience. Every member of Massium is essentially a reader and the bloggers are simply readers who chose to publish their own articles so, first of all, you will need to create an account. Afterwards, you will have to add your blog domain to Massium for a quick review and, after your blog has been approved, you will be able to publish all of your articles. Massium likes professional-looking blogs that provide quality content and whose primary purpose is to inform its readers rather than sell to them. Whenever you submit a new article, it is sent to its targeted audience. For example, if you had submitted an article under the fashion category then every member who chose fashion as one of their interest topics will receive your article. Plus they are also notified via email and your article is published on Massium with a link back to your blog.
It's kind of surprising that some enterprising entrepreneur hasn't done for blogs and blogging the same thing that Pinterest did for photos. That is, to organize them and put them into categories so that others can find them easily. Massium could well be the social blogging app that could achieve that. This easy to use app connects bloggers with their readers in an intelligent way and follows it up ith a link to the writer's web site. So everyone wins. Great content for the reader and greater traffic for the blogger. Massium is a new free social blogging app where everyone wins.

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