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We like to say that we give small artists the three things they need to thrive: money, exposure, ... More

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Published 29 May 2012

In this mass produced world I think the time is right for a bespoke revolution. Original artists, musicians and video makers have been putting out their creative work since time immemorial but these days it's not the easiest thing to get your work out there and noticed by the general populace. Masspire is a new free application that provides a place where talented and artistic types can get the three things they need more than anything else - money to develop their art, exposure for their work and the freedom to pursue their creative bent.
Only a handful of people in the creative field ever achieve success. It can depend on a mixture of luck, connections, perserverance, marketing ability, and talent. For every one really talented person that gets discovered probably at least five never do and disappear back into their bedrooms.  Masspire want to change that by giving small artists the three things they need to thrive: money, exposure, and freedom - entirely for free. The idea being that if one treats people who make content better then the result will be better content. Most websites offer content creators little hope of a meaningful reward if they make something popular which doesn't give them much reason to make something popular but Masspire aims to change that. It operates through competitions with 12 paid awards at the end - US$500 being the minimum award. Its a little like Battle Of The Bands meets a short film competition. It...