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Published 29 May 2012

[cont'd] makes money when the artists sell their work with the artist receiving most of the proceeds. Soon they are going to release "Best of" collections with the artist receiving a share yet again. They plan to actively promote artists in every way they can via featured lists, official profiles and artists are promoted  even after they have won a competition. Masspire is not an ad based organization so people can put whatever they wish into their content.In the near future they aim to crowd-source content ideas. At the moment they are catering to people who make music and video but hope to keep on expanding to any sort of creative career you could name.
Masspire was developed for video or music artists who might have fallen through the crack or weren't prepared to compromise their art for the big bucks of major companies. It provides a non exclusive place to sell your music or video skills directly to your audience and it's a bit like one of those great Independent record companies that sprung up in Britain in the '80's that were very artist based and dedicated to matching the big boys with great product. Amazingly enough it worked and, if Masspire takes off, it could be a brilliant way for original musicians and filmmakers to make their mark in the world. Kick over the statues.