Developer description

Combining meditation and biofeedback, Mastering Mindfulness uses your iPhone camera to measure changes to your heart rate before and after meditating. Mastering Mindfulness provides guidance for focused-attention mindfulness meditations, including awareness of breath, mindfulness of sounds, mindfulness of thoughts, and loving kindness meditation.

There's so many mindfulness apps- what sets this one apart? Good question- Mastering Mindfulness...
• Uses biofeedback (heart rate) to help illustrate the physiological changes that occur when you practice mindfulness meditations.
• Is designed for people with intermediate to advanced experience with mindfulness meditations.
• Also caters to novice users with audio guidance and visual instructions.
• Currently has choice of four mindfulness meditations (we will continue to add new meditations).
• Allows users to determine the length for each meditation session (1 minute to 2+ hrs).
• Logs your meditation type, duration, and pre- and post-heart rate measurements to help users learn which kind of meditations and what durations work best for them.
• The log can be exported via email.
• No user sign up, so you can start using the app right away.
• Ad supported, so there is no purchase or subscription cost.
• Clean, simple, and linear user interface.
• You can watch a video overview here:
• Lots of answers to lots of questions can be read here:

Last updated 5 Oct 2017

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