Developer description

Use 2 or less turn connection strips to match symbols and earn high scores.

Features are:
- offline play available
- 100+ love power ups / on stage items
- Weekly contest
- player can create and share their designs

The game is very dynamic and need rapidly changing strategies during game play.

Each play will earn player exps for leveling up, and every level up gives player a "Love Power" or access to a new stage to play.

Once a player gets to level 13, he can look for new stages that are designed by other players, they can be alphabet-object match, celebrity match, or even educational match.

Players can create stages (lv.13 or higher), this feature is currently only on android and desktop versions though. Select their own pictures and define their own match rules, and even select a music from about 20 beautiful songs..

This game is good for kids too. I said that because my 4 and 6 year-olds are playing it cooperatively..

Last updated 8 Mar 2017

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