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Math Chimp collects free online math games and oranize them into the common core standards - and ... More

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Published 29 Nov 2011

Math tutoring has got to be one of the most thankless tasks that every parent has to go through if they want their child to excel at the subject. So what do you do about it? Do it yourself? Aaaargh! I don't think so. You could hire a tutor but that could get a little expensive. Or you can make math fun for your kids with MathChimp. This free and colorful math app for kids gathers together cool math games and organizes them into degrees of difficulty.

Math Chimp collects free online math games and organizes them by their common core standards. In Grade 1, according to the common core standards, instructional time should focus on four critical areas. Firstly by developing an understanding of addition, subtraction and strategies for addition and subtraction to 20. After that it moves on to developing an understanding of whole number relationships and place value which includes grouping in tens and ones. Thirdly, there's a developing understanding of linear measurement and measuring lengths as iterating length units. The final area deals with the reasoning about the attributes and composing and decomposing geometric shapes. In Grade 2 instructional time should focus on another four critical areas. Extending understanding of base-ten notation, building fluency with addition and subtraction, using standard units of measure and describing and analyzing shapes. It sounds complicated but it isn't really but, as you can see, MathChimp is a very well researched math learning app for children.

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