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Math Ocean is an edutainment game that helps children (ages 0-6) learn basic math skills through ... More

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Published 6 Jul 2012

To celebrate Thanksgiving Day, we will offer 50% discount of Math Ocean on 23-26 Nov (From US$1.99 to US$0.99).

I've not studied all the ins and outs of children's education but I do know how much the kiddies love the Pixar animated movie Finding Nemo so it makes rather good sense to tie the two together when introducing children to the world of math. Math Ocean is a fun education game for iOS that features a colorful fish-filled smorgasbord of tasks for children from 0-6 to attempt to solve with various difficulty levels to delight and educate the young ones in their quest to understand and conquer the tricky world of all the aspects of basic number play. 

Math Ocean is an edutainment game that helps children aged between 0-6 to learn basic math skills through stunts performed by different sea creatures. From the deep ocean to the Antarctic there are various math problems. In this fun kids game there are shy seahorses, hopping penguins, sleepy gold fish and other friends of Dory that will become your children's handy helpers. Math Ocean includes five educational activities - addition, subtraction, patterns, matching and sorting and provides two difficulty levels, originally composed music and a sticker level that allows children to retrieve their achievements and rewards at any time. Join the happy dolphin Dory and her friends as they take you on an underwater adventure and exploring the Antarctic Ocean and lletting the hopping penguins jump into the sea and learning how to subtract. Turn their attention to the  Indian Ocean and teach them how to add as more fish arrive. Next is the Pacific where kids can learn matching by helping repair the broken submarine by putting in the windows in the correct shape and color. Then head for the Beach and sort and arrange the lovely creatures and toys in the correct sequence before having fun with patterns by putting them in logical order with the correct toys.

All kids seem to love the beach and they also love the colorful and very cute underwater creatures so it makes a lot of sense to coax them into the world of math with this bunch of fun and lovable sea creatures. Math Ocean is a cute and fun app for preschoolers and kindergarten kids where you can play and educate on your iPhone, iPod Touch or the very kiddie friendly iPad tablet. The star of the show is a very happy dolphin called Dory who will entrance the younger ones as she swims across the screen while the older children will be more interested in solving the different levels of math problems disguised as heaps of fun entertainment. It's big and bright and bold and easy to use and might just be the thing to keep your children amused while they are being educated.

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