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A fun rhyming kids game that will also improve their math skills

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Math Tales – The Jungle is a unique interactive editorial app that combines together a brand new ... More

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Published 17 Mar 2016

According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the math skills that students learn at a young age build a foundation for future learning endeavors and can be a good indicator of whether or not young people will be able to meet and overcome new challenges as they mature. An article by noted 'out of the box' author Malcolm Gladwell a few years ago suggests that the more advanced a child is when first entering school, the more they improve exponentially throughout their whole education. Engaging children to the concept of math early on in their life is more important than ever and here is a great way to get them involved whilst simultaneously managing to keep them amused.

Math Tales - The Jungle is a unique interactive iOS educational game for preschoolers that combines the charm and amusement of a Dr Seuss story with the practicalities of simple math and logics. This colorful and amusing rhyming kids app provides 27 different games that change every time your child plays them. Featuring a narrative voice and colorful animated animal characters, children will be taken on a funny journey while learning colors, numbers and other fundamental subjects for their growth. Alternatively, you can choose to disable the narration and music and read the story together with your child for an even more intimate learning experience.

Conceived for preschoolers aged between 3 and 5, Math Tales takes your child through 100 or so pages of tales to help the Lion...