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A fun rhyming kids game that will also improve their math skills

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Published 17 Mar 2016

[cont'd] King - and all the rest of the jungle animals - organize a welcome party for their elephant friend named Ray who just happens to have run away from a circus. Each animal has a specific task in preparation for the party and each level needs to be completed before advancing to the next one. The gorgeously animated animals will have to complete color sequences creating festoons, baking a cake and counting the sugar spoons and the cups of flour. They will also have puzzles to solve. And at the end of the story there is a meaningful moral.

The game develops 6 specific learning objectives - colors, numbers, math operations, logic, visual attention and spatial perception - and all can be monitored from a dedicated parents' area that is protected by parental gate. From here, parents can see and understand what their kids are actually learning while they play. There are 9 different chapters featuring 9 different animals of the jungle and these are all linked up to 9 different educational themes. The app itself was created by a team of professionals and experts and, with the help of hundreds of little testers to try out their games, ensures that they can always see the benefit from a child's perspective. There is no advertising on the app, no in-app purchases to worry about and all content completely child-friendly.

Math Tales provides wonderfully captivating, interactive tales for preschoolers whilst encouraging young ones to learn basic math. The rhyming story is charming...