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Published 7 Apr 2021

In his book 'The Outliers,' author Malcolm Gladwell talks about how Asian students  seem to fare better than the rest of the world at mathematics. When you look at the OECD's PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) ratings you'll see that China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea all come in higher than the UK, Germany, Australia and the US. He offers a number of suggestions as to why this should be including the controversial idea that Asian students tend to work harder. I tend to think that, as much as anything else, we westerners look upon mathematics as hard work and that's as good a reason as any for us not to do so well with it. Let's face it, to many of us, mathematics is dour and difficult and lacking any form of fun. 

So, it's a pleasant surprise to find an app that will undoubtedly put a smile on a lot of students' faces. Mathematical Run is a unique new education app for iOS and Android that turns learning into a game so that users can have a lot of fun as they discover and understand the finer points of the many facets of arithmetic and mathematics. This clever and well thought out app challenges users via simple (and not so simple) quizzes and games to improve all aspects of their maths whether they are an absolute novice or someone wanting to improve their skills. There's even...