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Help your kids learn and understand mathematics by turning it into a series of games

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Published 7 Apr 2021

[cont'd] an option for two players to use the same device.

Mathematical Run is divided into a whole bunch of different topics. First up there's the First Steps which deals with the 4-7 age group. This mainly looks at all the obvious simple mathematical situations from learning to count, addition and subtraction. Four Operations takes things a little further and provides quizzes on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Next up comes the Times Tables - something that many think is the most important part of math learning. Featured here are quizzes dealing with multiplication tables from 1-12. Fractions and Decimals is exactly how it sounds. Here we have quizzes that take on everything from proper and improper fractions as well as all things decimal including multiplying and dividing by 10's and 100's. 

Relative Numbers takes adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing to the next level while The Beauty of Numbers covers all things numerical and even some algebra. The Freestyle section lets you can mix up some of these game modes for more challenging fun and games. Most of the topics in the app contain hidden levels that let you manoeuvre your way through a myriad of numbers and quizzes. More experienced users can opt for the 'Math Genius' package which contains 120 more challenging puzzles. 

Part of the idea of the app is to stimulate children's minds and reflexes as well as helping to improve their concentration levels as they learn. They can play...