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Published 24 Apr 2021

[cont'd] ability to have a quick mental recall of basic math facts will make everything easier when it comes to being successful in school or when put under stressful situations in examinations. The bottom line being that fluency in math skills makes everything easier when it comes to the real thing. 

The app uses a color-coded format so students and parents can easily see where more work needs to be done. All the obvious math operations are dealt with including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It also deals with all the different levels of ability from the simplest equations to more complex ones with the app showing the correct answers when mistakes are made. Users can also customize the app so that various numbers and operations can be prioritised for areas that need to be worked on and it can be made as easy or as hard as required. There are ten separate levels of increasing difficulty as the route to mastery skills starts with simple problems and works its way up to more difficult ones and while monitoring the progress a student is making as they progress. Any incorrect answers will be repeated until the student understands the problem and gets the answer correct. 

MathSmart Flashcards is great for all ages whether it be for beginners in K12 or for older students that need a bit of extra work to refine their skills. It even works well for adults who might need a bit of extra...