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Published 25 Feb 2015

According to New Yorker contributor and best selling author Malcolm Gladwell, Asian kids have a distinct advantage over the rest of the world when it comes to maths. Whereas some have purported the theory that there is an IQ differential along racial and ethnic lines, Gladwell claims that it has more to do with structure and methodology than anything else. His theory is based around the much simpler concept that Asian names for numbers are shorter than their English equivalent - meaning it is easier for them to remember more. Going down those lines, it's pretty easy to see that he believes that maths is a learned skill and success and understanding depends muchly on the methodology used to teach it...not to mention a good deal of fun. MathsMatch is an easy to use and fun educational app that offers a new way to improve Maths skills for everyone from kids to adults. However, rather than concentrating purely on the end result, MathsMatch offers over 4 million exercises that throw the emphasis on correcting mistakes as they happen rather than going back to square one and starting all over again.
MathsMatch is an app for students, teachers and parents that manages to create an encouraging, relaxing and fun environment for those of us who find mathematics a difficult subject and the ones who just can't get enough of solving calculations. It is a tool that is suitable for both adults and kids and shows children the importance of identifying mistakes on their own in order to improve their maths skills. A common problem when trying to resolve equations often occurs because of a simple mistake - maybe we have just forgotten to change the sign. Many go back to the beginning and opt to start all over again. This will waste precious time and could distract the student's focus as well as causing some frustration. MathsMatch cultivates the important skill of recognizing errors and raises both the comprehension and competence level of problem solving. Exercises include normal calculations, decimals, fractions, percentages, linear equations and exponents and the more you play the better you will get at it. Errors will be easier to find, mental calculations will be faster and your confidence will be boosted. The app also gives you a complete set of stats about performances - very good for parents monitoring the children's performances - and a daily report via email.
MathsMatch offers a new, fun way of improving you or your children's math ability with a mighty 4,200,000 (and growing every day) exercises that can improve your skills and boost your mathematics confidence. It’s an easy-to-use app that manages to put the fun back into maths with colorful problems to solve, and stars and rewards to win when success is attained. The app goes some way to changing the way we approach the maths concept and aims to give you the confidence to be able to take a step back from a problem and identify its mistakes to see where a calculation might have gone wrong. For the first time in your life, you might actually be good at maths. That's a very cool thing to say!

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