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Published 21 Dec 2011

After marking the attempts at poetry written by earnest and self-conscious pupils I should think writing end of term school reports comes a close second in terms of both the cringe and mirth factors. Still, with a system such as Matrep, teachers will no longer have to continuously hand write comments like "must try harder" or "is a disruptive influence" if they add them to the site’s ˈpre-filledˈ feature.

Online school report writing is yet another addition to those tasks made a lot easier since the techno-revolution dawned. In days gone by not only did teachers have the daunting job of writing them, unless they had kept a diary throughout the term they would struggle to remember just when little Jimmy had either excelled or caused them to throw the blackboard rubber at him.

With access available anywhere there is a web connection the progress of students can be kept up to date fairly effortlessly and more importantly whilst it’s still fresh in the mind. Time saving features also include the previously mentioned pre-fill as well as the ability to copy text between similarly performing pupils. It will also allow for pupils to be automatically assigned to standard year groups.

The system provides a safe and secure way to keep these important records and teachers can add to them at any time during the year. What might not be so welcome to students however is the fact that their parents can log in too and check up on how...