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In every project, no matter the industry, there is plenty of information to manage. Using spreadsheets may be easy, but quite often can result in chaos because it’s very hard to keep the information consistent and in shape. Whereas specific software solutions might be impractical because evaluation, setup, maintenance, buying licenses and getting used to it might be too much effort, as well as the fact that it can only hold specific information. Taking this into consideration, the web-based tool Matrify offers a middle way by letting you manage your valuable information exactly as you need it, regardless if it's a simple to-do-list or a database with dozens of interrelated tables to organize your next conference or engineering project.

So, how do we get started with Matrify? It is quite simple actually; all you need is a browser. After signing up, you can immediately start to create tables and manage information with your team. In order to get started quickly, you can choose from predefined templates for popular use-cases: tracking assets, listing employees’ data, managing sales leads, listing product details, keeping track of office management, tracking tasks and managing bookmarks. All templates can then be adjusted or edited to suit your specific needs. Choose from various column types like Text, Date, Number, Image, Video, Journal to define the content of your tables. You can share a table with other team members, set the appropriate access rights and see who changed the data and when.

What makes Matrify truly stand out is it's neat and easy to navigate interface. At the same time, it offers sophisticated functions that allow you to sort out your data efficiently by just using a browser. Unlike spreadsheets, Matrify enables multiple users to edit the tables without the risk of disorder such as accidentally deleting the column headers or randomly changing the content. Users are also guided by individual dialogs when entering new records. Because of this, everything stays in shape, always!

Its layout may be simple and straightforward, but do not be deceived because this tool is capable of setting filters, views, associations, validation rules, quality constraints, conditional background colors and more. It is also able to create filters to show just the relevant records for your current task, e.g. "Ordered office equipment." This keeps you focused on a specific task and helps to keep a clear mind, especially when there is a lot of data. Furthermore, the ability to link records across tables is definitely a powerful feature since it helps you to keep correlated records consistent and shows information from one table to another table without having to type it up again. For example, you can link records in a table named "Customers" with another one called "Orders" so that it automatically shows the customer's name in the "Orders" table.

Perhaps one of the most important functions for this type of tool is having the import function, which enables you to import existing data from spreadsheets. In fact, Matrify also offers an API to integrate your database with other tools and processes or to create all kinds of reports and automations.

Matrify is developed using the latest HTML5 technologies, runs on all modern browsers and is also optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The Matrify server software will soon be available for download in case you want to host it on your own server and keep your data inhouse. Matrify is available for a monthly price of only $5 per user and also offers a free plan.

Last updated 27 Jan 2016

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