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Maxplore is looking for travel lovers to experience its beta version!! If you already know about Maxplore app and want to be part of the select group of users to first experience it, please click in the link below:

If you don't know about Maxplore yet, let us introduce ourselves:

Maxplore is a mobile application available on Android and iOS platforms made from a team of travel lovers to people which love traveling!

On Maxplore each user has their own virtual scratch World map. As you travel from Country to Country, you will see your map come to life! You can track where you have been and reminisce on old holidays by viewing the photo highlights.

In each Country you will have a list of available challenges (things to do, places to visit, typical food to eat...). You will never get yourself in a situation you are going on a trip to somewhere you don't know what to do or see again!

The more challenges you complete, more points you win. On Maxplore you will be on a leaderboard with people all around the world competing for amazing real prizes! You also will be provided with a friendly leaderboard where you can once and for all define who between your friends has seen more of the World!

Does it sound good? Are you excited with the idea? Want to have the chance to start ahead and be one of the first users of the app? Just click on the link below!!

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Last updated 22 Feb 2018

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