Developer description

The ultimate UPnp/DLNA video streamer and player for iOS Bring back the enjoyment and ease to watching video clips and movies by using Media Centre Video Player. Introducing a whole new UPnP streaming application and video player, the MCPlayer greatly improves your video watching experience. Use MCplayer with all your other media equipment like your PC, AllShare TV, NAS, UPnP/DLNA servers. Interface your video collection through your usual media players such Windows Media Player and iTunes plus stream your video to SmartTVs, Xbox 360 and UPnP renderers. With the push of a single button, create a “Watch Later List”, to enjoy your videos at your convenience and make watching your favourite videos fit your schedule. A technologically advanced video player that utilizes a Dolby Digital Plus officially. Watch mkv movies up to 1080p with HD quality on TV or locally on device. Chromecast support and 13 languages localized!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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