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Everyone should take Meaki along when they surf the web.
Meaki allows you to clip, organize ... More

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Published 29 Mar 2012

The way it stands at the moment when I find an interesting webpage that I want to hang on to and look at again later with my friends I do one of two things. I'll either save it to the myriad that is Facebook or I'll bookmark it into another myriad of messiness. Meaki turns the whole bookmarking thing on it's head by making it social. It's a microblogging and sharing application where you can collect and share the cool web pages you find and it presents them in a great looking package. It's almost the Flipboard for web pages.
Find it. Clip it. Keep it. Share it. Thats the company motto and its pretty much what you can do with here.  Meaki (pronounced "mee-kee") makes it easy for you to clip, organize and share the beautiful and interesting web pages you find when you are surfing the web and then turns your saved pages into a visually engaging collection called a Clipset. You can share your Clipsets with the world or keep them private. Be inspired by new and interesting web pages as you browse Clipsets created by other people who share your interests. You might even find that you save time finding things on the web by searching for Clipsets created by people who have searched before you. People use Clipsets to share their favorite places to eat, gift ideas, to list school hot spots, to plan a trip or a...