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Published 29 Mar 2012

[cont'd] vacation, buying a new car or even when buying a product. Meaki is a really good friend to take along on any web surfing trip and encourage your social side and have heaps of fun clipping web pages,  earning badges, following other users who interest you and be followed by users with similar interests.
I do like the idea of being able to collect all the interesting web pages I find in the one place and presented beautifully in Meaki. But this free bookmarking share app can also be used as a research tool. Anyone can find a Meaki Clipset by either using a popular search engine like Google or by using the Meaki search box. Maybe the next time you are looking for something on the web you should look for a clipset here and see if someone else has done all the searching you need already. Meaki is full of great clippings.