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It’s easy to lose track of time or forget when you last ate if you’re following a time based diet. With Meal Reminder, you can set up your meals ahead of time and receive notifications throughout the day when the time comes to eat. All you have to do is tell us a little bit about you and we set everything up for you.
We currently have four options for scheduling your meals:
•Every 30 min-6 hours: Your meals will be scheduled every depending on how often you want to eat. Eating small portions throughout the day has been proven to help you lose weight and keep your metabolism up. Perfect for bodybuilders and diabetics as well.
•Three Meals A Day: The traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You have the option to choose if you want to add snacks between meals. For those of you who want to follow the traditional eating pattern.
•Intermittent Fasting: This is a style of eating where you feast during a specific window in the day and don’t consume any calories for the rest of the day. To schedule meals for intermittent fasting you specify your eating/fasting period and the time you want to break your fast.
•Custom: Start from scratch and set up your own meals. Once you are all set up you can change the name, notes, time and picture for each meal. Notifications show the name of the meal and its notes, so you can easily see what you have planned without opening the app. If you tend to sleep in or wake up early but want to keep the same meal schedule adjust your meals by tapping the sun button on the sidebar or by manually changing the time in settings. Eating an unplanned or early meal? Tap on the half eaten apple to quickly add a new meal or update the time of your next meal.
*Meal Reminder is only meant as a guide to go off of. Don't eat if you aren't hungry. People who have or had eating disorders should not use this app. If you like Meal Reminder then we think you'll like Interval Timer Infinite Free! Download it in the App Store. And please take the time to write a review for both apps - this will help us be found by more people!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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