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Land measurement when a tape measure just isnt long enough or accurate enough

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This app is intended for measuring distances and areas via a satellite map. You draw measurement ... More

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Published 1 Jun 2012

Measure Your Land is a mapping and measurement app that would work equally well for the casual amateur as it would for the busy professional. MYL relies on a satellite map to measure distances and areas of land whether it be a long road or a very short path and delivers the results right onto your iOS or iDevice. There is a free version that gives you fully functioning measuring capability or a paid version for business or heavy users that gives you unlimited access to all functions.
Measure Your Land (or MYL, as we are going to call it) is a freemium app available on iPhone and iPad devices and is intended for measuring distances and areas via a satellite map. You draw measurement figures on the map and the application calculates the corresponding distance or area. Simple as that. It will measure and compare different areas of land, lengths of paths, distances for service line laying, racing tracks, construction sites, places of interest and any other objects, which can be seen from the bird’s eye view. The application does calculations in any commonly known western or oriental measures including International Measurement System, British, American, Chinese, Japanese systems and many others. The measurement results can be converted into any of those “on the fly” just by switching the measurement unit in the application’s settings.The application allows creation of multiple measurements on one map with “Line” and “Area” tools for result comparison. The special “Sum” tool allows calculating...