Developer description

Me!Box is web video, reinvented. We've taken a fresh look at how video is delivered to viewers and created a player that delivers actionable content to them. Here's how it works: as the video plays, time markers set by the video creator will trigger supplementary content to be displayed. Viewers can then click on that content to learn more about what's being discussed, sign up for things or even buy products.

Here's an example: you're selling a suitcase online and you may have a video highlighting a new model. With Me!Box, you can have colors and other options open up as you discuss them in the video. Later, you might have consumer reports reviews and a link to buy the suitcase right from the player.

Me!Box puts the action you want your viewers to take with the call to action you're making in your video. We increase conversions, provide viewer analytics and a superior streaming infrastructure.

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Last updated 6 Aug 2015