Developer description

Image Compression

This service is based on the latest image compression technologies. It provides unbeatable compression ratio, while allowing you to choose the level of quality for every image. Visually comparing the result with the original image, you can reach the minimum possible size with reasonable distortion.

Code Minification

This tool allows you to delete comments, spaces and other "unnecessary " symbols in CSS and JavaScript code for faster load speed. During our research we tested many algorithms to find the most effective ones for using in this tool. You will hardly find better compression ratio anywhere else.

Web Page Test

This test is a practical tool to measure your website's optimization level and instantly find performance bottlenecks. Just enter the URL of your web page and this service will find all serious problems related to optimization and mark them with "speed penalty" scores according to their impact to your website's loading speed.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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