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Published 20 Sep 2011

No, Medify isn't a self diagnosing tool. That would be a little dangerous. It's an online health search tool that accesses the published findings of leading researchers, physicians and medical institutions worldwide. Their published findings of thousands of cases and details of ways of treating their symptoms are gathered together online to promote the advancement of medicine.
Modify gathers millions of these case studies of real patients every day and it's powerful search engine scans all the relevant details and extracts key phrases and information in each study. Patients with similar problems can be grouped together and analyzed for their condition and their various treatments are listed by experts. As a result Medify can boast  one of the largest databases of patient medical experiences anywhere in the world. There are literally millions of them. What's more, it's all free and accessible online. While I stated earlier about not using Medify as a diagnosis tool it can certainly be used by patients to research their own medical condition...and it will be. The site can also be personalized for your personal needs.

Medify looks fantastic as well as coming up with the goods. The millions of case studies here make this a serious contender in the medical research category. The interface is simple and easy to use - it can be as simple as just enteering in the medical conditions and reading relevant material. But there's so much more than that. This is a brilliant innovation and it's hard to believe so much information can be at your fingertips and be free.

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