Developer description

MediStation aka " Meditation Station " for Android, is your 3D virtual meditations app. Designed to give you customizable stunning HD visuals & music combined in a real time 3D engine, not CGI. This app is intended for spiritualists, massage therapists, general relaxation, sleep, meditate with visuals on your HD TV etc.


• 15 custom music tracks (5 tracks for each category: Nature Music , Space Music, Ancient Melodies Music)
• 5 Visual environments to load, 3 categories (Nature,Space,Ancient Melodies)
• Nature sound effects section
• Nature has forest day, forest night, birds, river, and rain
• Space has warp speed and earth visuals
• Ancient Melodies has one visual for now, a Celtic setting
• Dynamic rain and clouds *in some visuals
• Timer built in so you keep track of how long you meditate

Updates will come after a certain number of downloads, and will bring a deep level of new additions.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015