Developer description

Medlert is a FREE Medical Emergency Response App built for families and individuals with High Risk Medical Conditions. One push of a button during an emerency notifies your selected family, friends, doctor and 911 simultaneously.

Medlert is an incredible time-saver during an emergency. Once you've set Medlert up with your list of contacts, you never again have to call each person individually during an emergency or after calling 911 for help. You can also send specific messages to everyone at the same time. The messages can be preset, or manually entered.

Medlert was created after one of our co-founder's family members was indirectly involved in an emergency. We felt that with the proliferation of smartphones and the evolution of digital health, we could improve the outcomes of emergencies dramatically by just focusing on the time it takes to get help and the information we can quickly provide to responders.

Last updated 7 Nov 2012