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Editor's review

Published 21 Sep 2011

If you are anything like me you'll have heaps of your favorite digital multimedia spread over the many different computers in the house. The precious family photos and home movies are on the computer, I've got my favorite music on my iPad and smart phone. Then there's the movies on the hard drive, the CD/DVD ROM's not to mention the stuff I've still got on my laptop. MeeChannel is the perfect way to organize all of your multimedia in channels in one place and accessible at the click of a button.
MeeChannel is a very cool looking free tool that sorts your multimedia into various channels. You can create channels containing your digital photos, online videos (Youtube) and RSS feeds and list them within your personal dashboard. And because MeeChannel is ‘social’ you can also share your channels with friends and / or relatives and subscribe to channels of other users. With so much of our favorite entertainment only available in digital form it can only make sense to organize it properly. MeeChannel  provides you with a solution to centralize and bring structure to this ‘media mess.'
You can use music channels to organize your MP3 music based on genre or artist, or simply create a ‘Party music’ channel for whenever your friends are coming over for a drink.

I love MeeChannel. Not only does it look just great with it's striking interface but it's free and simple to use too. You can become a fan on Facebook or Twitter too to stay up to date. They also like to give rewards which they call MeeWards for accomplishing great things but I've yet to find out what the rewards actually are. All the same, I love the way MeeChannel organizes my life in a very simple way.

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