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Published 17 Nov 2015

While few of us are one-dimensional there are usually one or two things that tend to dominate our main interests in life. Some of us are artists, some consider ourselves thespians, some are football fans and some have much deeper things as the central issues in our lives. As effective as they are, the big social media outlets like Facebook really only offer us an overview of our lives and one finds oneself having to find one's own niche areas within it's walls. Dedicated boutique social media sites, on the other hand, tend to be more serious minded but haven't really captured the attention of the general populace yet. What's more, users are generally spread across the length and breadth of the country (or the world, if it comes to that) and they don't really cater for local meet ups with the people who live close to us and share our interests.

So, it's interesting to find a new social network community that allows us to find people living near us who share our core interests - whatever they may be. Meet (the app) has over 500 different communities within its network walls and it's growing on a daily basis. Within its virtual walls there's a community for any niche interest you want to come up with including common genres like film or book lovers and sports fans. But you'll also find more obscure communities like expecting mums, cancer survivors, Game of Thrones fans and drag queens - which you'll find extremely interesting if that's the thing that steers your boat.

The other major difference between Meet (the app) and other social networks is, of course, that this one connects you with people who not only share your interests, occupations and lifestyles - but also live in your local area. With Meet you can keep all your communities under one roof whilst keeping your profile unique in each one. You can post a photo of Michonne wielding her sword to your Walking Dead community right after posting pictures of your new baby nursery to your expectant mum friends. To the total relief of both communities, neither will have to endure the other's posts. To make your profile more comprehensive and interesting you can connect individual communities with your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. You'll find that you'll learn far more about the people around you than ever before by picking and choosing which social network you share with each community.

There's also a chat aspect to the app that's called Moots which offers open, location-specific group chats that are created and controlled by you. Here you can chat with like-minded people around you who share your interests. Connect with your neighbors and start a chat about things that are going on in your local area or discuss the local music scene. On the other hand, you could just analyze last night's episode of The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones and see what everyone else thinks and find out where the series will go next week. The bottom line is, you get to call the Moot and you set the agenda for the conversation.

Meet (the app) takes social networking one step further than most of the others. The fact is, while we are all multifaceted individuals, we tend not to lay all our interests on the line all the time. What interests one group of friends will probably bore another group to death. Meet gives us the flexibility to share our interests with one group while not disturbing the other. Yet they are all kept together under one roof. The app itself is simple to use and looks sharp and classy on your iPhone or iPad. If you fancy spreading your wings a little and getting away from the social network monopoly that Facebook and the like have become, Meet (the app) could well be the right road to go down.

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