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MeetingBurner is a fast and simple online meeting platform that we’re giving away for free. It ... More

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Published 13 Sep 2011

MeetingBurner's mission is to build a community of online meeting fanatics who want to change the world by making meeting easier, faster, and more efficient. They believe the world wastes billions of dollars per year in inefficient and ineffective meetings and are going to change that with this fast and simple online meeting platform. And it's totally free.

MeetingBurner is a ridiculously fast and easy to use sharing tool for business. It takes about 10 seconds to sign up for an account, and you can be hosting a webinar and sharing your screen just a few clicks later. It’s built in the clouds to remain competitive with the big boys and comares favourably on features, speed, and reliability. They've also integrated conference lines & Skype, one touch recording & sharing, and a whole lot more to make your meetings efficient. One of the most recent of MeetingBurners new features is the Meeting Temperature Analytics which analyses the quality of your meetings by asking your fellow participants for their opinions. The results deliver a detailed breakdown of the results. The other innovation is called the Meeting Thermometer - an initiative that makes it possible to go back over your presentation so you can tweak and improve it next time.

The best thing about MeetingBurner is that it wants you to do well in business. This app really encourages improvement and wants you to take your meetings to a new level. The interface is very clear and concise and it's easy to navigate around. MeetingBurner would be a fine addition to your business arsenal...and it's free.

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