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Published 26 Sep 2013

[cont'd] and Google Calendar and the app will import all of the information from the meeting request, copy the list of attendees and even email them information about the meeting - including the agenda. Simply select one of the standard meeting agenda templates (or create your own) and the app will turn the minutes of the meeting into a to-do list as well as keeping track of which individuals are responsible for which tasks. The app actually acts as a management system for all meeting discussions, notes and tasks and uses an intuitive filter and search functionality that makes it easy to find all meetings and tasks - by project, department or by person. Meeting invitees do not specifically need an account as they can receive agendas, minutes and tasks without having to access the app's collaboration platform but participants can easily create a free account to access the meeting and submit agenda topics, share files, provide updates on tasks...not to mention making comments on notes.
I love apps like this one. It's simple, it's easy to use and it doesn't offer more than you need. Meeting King 2 provides a nicely structured, collaborative productivity app that acts as an agenda for your meetings if prepared before the event as well as the minutes of the meeting afterwards. This allows your business to be much better organized and the subjects of your meetings a better chance of getting followed up on and completed. You can...