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MeetingKing is a new web-based meeting workflow and information tool to help keep meetings short ... More

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Published 28 Jan 2012

While meetings are meant to be the lifeblood of the business they are quite often wasted opportunities. Leads are not followed up on, they can be disorganized and there has to be an awful lot of note taking. MeetingKing is a project management, productivity and collaboration application that manages to simplify all these elements allowing you to concentrate on the things that are really important. Putting everyone in the know and brainstorming to move your business in the right direction - forwards.
MeetingKing is a new web-based meeting workflow and information tool to help keep meetings short and effective by making documentation and task follow-up easier than ever. Built around the natural workflow of meetings and conversations it turns short notes into up-to-date actionable information. It delivers many excellent features to help your business move forwards smoothly including professional minute taking, reminders for important tasks and a powerful searchable archive. Note taking is fast and easy with automatic document creation and you can oversee all of yours and others tasks on the dashboard. Emails can be automatically generated for tasks, agendas and minutes allowing you to be far more focused and prepared for any eventuality. It is also very useful to link related tasks from different meetings and enables you to easily find decisions and tasks by person, department, project or specific customer.
For many, what should be an essential and vital part of the communication process - the weekly office meeting - draws groans from many employees who consider it a waste of valuable time. It's not necessarily the subject of the meeting but more the way it is organized. MeetingKing makes your meeting a much more efficient and effective tool for moving your business forward. It's a bit like having a highly experienced personal assistant who does all the behind the scenes that usually gets forgotten about as well as managing and streamlining the results allowing you to feel that you can now move forwards with corresponding action.

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