Developer description

meetingly is a webapp to support your meetings with agendas, note taking and tasks features. It´s all about collaboration. You can create your minutes by collecting the notes from the participants and get suggestions for topics for example.

Do you get enough output from your meetings? Do you have to take much effort to put everything together and keep track of all tasks and decisions? Are you tired of boring agendas and ugly minutes? Then meetingly with the following core features could be the right choice for you.

1) Live Agenda: a layout to execute your meeting with functions like time tracking for the topics and acoustic hints for the speaker when time is over, live note tacking, meeting goal information and so on.
2) Minutes: every participant can mark their notes as private or free for all meeting-participants. As the organizer of the meeting your minutes could be finalized and accessible for everyone right after the meeting. All participants can filter notes by decisions, information or tasks and tag them for easier research.
3) Tasks: keep an overview about all your personal tasks or tasks from others in your meetings and easily tick them off when they are done.

A survey from Atlassian says that every year $37 Billion are spent for meetings and most of them (61%) are unproductive or unnecessary ! 71% of the people think that meeting preparation should be improved.

So most business meetings seems to struggle with preparation (clear goal and agenda topics), dealing with responsibilities and communication. With meetingly you can improve all of these areas. For better meetings, clearer communication, more time for more exciting tasks than writing minutes and send them as files back and forth. Your meeting participants and your boss will like it! :-)

Last updated 26 Aug 2017

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