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meetOOu is the world's first true video chat marketplace where users can buy video chat sessions ... More

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Published 25 Jan 2012

This is one of those apps where everybody is a winner. meetOOu  (which is short for 'me to you') is a video chat marketplace where you can purchase online real-time video chats with experts on any number of subjects. Equally, if you have accurate and informative knowledge on a particular subject then you can sell your expertise in live video chat form to anyone who needs it.
meetOOu is the world's first true video chat marketplace where users can buy video chat sessions with experts in a variety of subjects. Subjects can be pretty well anything you need to know whether it be technical stuff like legal advice and therapy to more everyday stuff like how to bake a cherry pie or how to play the guitar. The point of the exercise is two fold. Firstly, to be able to get the expertise, advice or service needed conveniently and cost effectively. Secondly, to provide a platform for people to generate income based on the things they are passionate about and already know how to do. meetOOu gives everyone a platform to showcase their talent and passion and allows people to make a living doing the things they love to do. You can set your own rates, hours of availability and take clients on their own schedule.. No matter how common, unusual or specialized your talent is, everybody is an expert at something. Start your journey today. Find a gOOru to teach you something.
meetOOu is a very cool community based video chat marketplace application that really encourages people to help each other out by sharing their knowledge. But it goes further than that. This totally free and easy-to-use app is also a great way to advertise your expertise and services to the outside world and get paid for it. turn your passion into a job whilst solving other people's dilemmas and do it from the comfort of your own home. Don't underestimate meetOOu... it has many hidden treasures.

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