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Use your most interesting photos to meet new people - and get a picture back

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Published 20 May 2013

[cont'd] quirky caption. Then you can simply swipe down to send your photo to somebody ... and wait to get one back in return. If you see a photo that you really like you can send them a compliment. Melt encourages you to have fun with your photos by connecting and talking about them to like minded new and old friends.
As I said, Melt isn't one of those mind blowing apps that are full to the brim with wonderful new ideas - but then again, neither was Pinterest. It's a simple concept that is done really well and gives you a chance to talk to interesting people who, like you, have a love of great photos. It's an attractive and kinda cool looking design and there is nothing to learn about using it. Just pick, swipe and send your favorite shots. Melt is a very stylish and free social photo app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that is bound to attract a bit of interest. I like it.