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Don't let your memory fail - train yourself to remember!

Memory Extreme takes the classic "flip the cards to find a match" game and lifts it up to the next exciting and intriguing level. With Memory Extreme you'll intuitively develop and exercise techniques that will sharpen your brain and let you maintain a crystal-clear memory.

Suitable for the whole family, kids and adults alike, Memory Extreme challenges you with:

• 60 levels of increasing difficulty, spanning the major capital cities in the world
• Various board sizes, from 16 to 42 cards
• Over 1400 unique images and dozens of backgrounds that make each level fresh and intriguing (some images require additional purchase)
• Time and health challenges that force you to be fast and accurate
• Multiple power-ups that you win throughout the game and can use if you get stuck
• Unexpected surprises – pleasant or annoying
• Two, three and four-card matches
• Basic and advanced arithmetic quizzes
• Scores, leaderboards and social sharing of achievements

Memory Extreme does not include any verbal quizzes and is suitable for all ages (arithmetic quizzes are elementary-school level).

Last updated 1 Oct 2015

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