Developer description

"Memory Game Plus" ( ) is a game that lets users practice their short term memory by pairing up matching cards.

"Memory Game Plus" doesn't have an age limit, it's a card pairing game for kids and adults alike. Memory is like a muscle, the more you practice the better it gets. That's why it's important to play memory games, especially for kids since it improves the short-term memory. While it's casual and educational, it is also challenging and fun.

Here's an overview of its main features:
- Three different play modes with the same goal, finding the matching pair among a set of cards.
- 3 difficulty levels based on how skilful the player is (play with less cards or more).
- Dynamic and friendly interface with an incredibly easy gameplay, just tap on two matching cards to hide them.
- 100+ fun card images ranging from casual items to hand-drawn sketches.
- Highscore recording system and in-game events.

"Memory Game Plus" is available for free from Google Play and you see it in action here:

Last updated 22 Aug 2014