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A more intimate social network with little background noise to disturb you

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MemorySphere is a mobile social platform that eliminates unwanted background noise, gives you ... More

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Published 6 Apr 2017

When talking with friends, the one problem that I constantly hear about Facebook is that it's becoming more and more infested with ads and with content that they just aren't interested in. They feel that Mark Zuckerberg's original vision has been lost to a constant stream of unwanted advertising, spam and, dare I say it, fake news. What's more, i've said myself for a few years now, that if you have more than 150-200 Facebook friends, it almost becomes a full time job trying to keep up with what they are all up to. Several social networks over the years have tried to muscle in on Facebook's action by attempting to provide a much smaller, more intimate platform for communication, but up till now, none has really hit the nail on the head.

So, I'm pleased to report that now there is a new kid on the block that aims to give users a service that's much closer to the social network that you thought you were getting when you signed up to Facebook. MemorySphere is a social platform for iOS that not only eliminates all the unwanted background noise of advertising, spam and fake news but also prevents intrusions by people that you don't know or have little or no interest in. It does all this whilst providing much of the same positive services that encouraged us to sign up with Mr Zuckerberg's behemoth in the first place.