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Bring out the Scorsese in your friends

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At, our goal is to provide our customers with an easy and useful environment to ... More

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Published 20 May 2012

You never know, Memplai could inspire the next Martin Scorsese or James Cameron. This social video application encourages you and your friends to create cool video clips with all the trimmings and then share them on your favorite social network. This free, fun and interesting app gives you all the tools to turn your video clip into something special and then invite your friends to collaborate on your project and present their own video masterpiece.  Memplai makes it easier than ever to assemble digital content from multiple sources and quickly create high quality videos to then share with your networks. You simply invite others to upload their videos and pictures, put them together with Memplai’s easy-to-use video editing tools, then send it out to view and share! Memplai's goal is to provide you with an easy and useful environment to collaborate with your friends and family and create fun and exciting video clips. It gives you all the tools you need to create lasting memories in an easy medium to share with your social network. With Memplai, you are in charge of your own production and you can create your own virtual work space, known as a Video Project.  You can create projects and invite the people that you would like to participate. Then create as many videos as you like using the online video editors and share your creations with your social network. It's simple really- just connect with friends and invite everyone in your social...