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Stimulate your brain and improve your mental math skills

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With Mental Maths Mundial discover a new way to improve your mental calc skills.

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Published 1 Feb 2016

You know...there are way too many reasons to ensure that you have good mental math skills. If nothing else, its pretty important that you know how to count the change back into your hand after a purchase. But probably just as important as that is the self confidence that it gives you in your daily life, not to mention the perception of others towards you. Like it or not, someone who can add up or subtract is afforded more respect in society than one who cant. Lets face it, we can't all walk around and fish out a calculator from our pocket every time we need to do a quick calculation, can we? It's unnecessary and it doesn't look good.

Mental Maths Mundial is an easy to play educational game for Android that tests and improves your mental math skills. By spending as little as 5 minutes with the game on a daily basis, you will notice your mental math skills improving straight away. Just select a math challenge from the categories, answer to a virtual coach, get a result and check the reply with any corrections needed.

The app keeps track of all your results to help you improve exponentially and each game has its own evolution graph to show you how you are going. There's also a daily graph available that tracks the number of successful answers that you post per minute - the most reliable way of evaluating a mental calculator. The exercises...