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Editor's review

Published 17 Aug 2021

The relationships that we have with the people around us changes depending on who they are. For example, the things we tell our grandparents aren't necessarily the same things that we would tell our best friends. Likewise, the things we tell our family probably aren't the things that we want our boss at work to know. Yet all could quite easily feature in one of our social media accounts and there are a hell of a lot of them these days. So, how can we ensure an element of privacy between ourselves and those very different people that are part of our daily circle of acquaintances?

Well, Merg is a social commentator app for Android and iOS that gives us the chance to put a little separation between the various people that we have contact with online. It allows us to still have contact with everybody in our social media accounts without having them intersect. Think of the amount of social media apps we might have on our phones right now. Apart from the obvious Instagram and Facebook accounts there could be Twitter, LinkedIn, Messenger, WhatsApp, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, Reddit, WeChat and even Tumbler and a whole lot more. Does anyone still have a MySpace account? I'm not sure.

However, each of these apps connects us with a slightly different set of 'friends' who we may not wish to get the same information about us. For each of these social media accounts there's generally a profile telling people a fair bit about us. Merg separates them by allowing us to create a profile for each avenue of our lives and under one main account. Users can create a profile for their family members, close friends, distant friends,  grandparents, work colleagues and for anyone else that we may have on our social media accounts without any of them merging or crossing over.

It's a simple app to use. Users are in control of the information that they put out at all times. Let's face it, if we tell our boss that we won't be in to work today it's not a good look if we post pictures of what we had when we went out to dinner. Likewise, if we have had a big night out, we don't necessarily want our parents or grandparents to read the sordid description of the events of the night.

Merg let's us import all our contacts and then choose which of our profiles can be connected to each of our contacts. Our private conversations and our public group discussions can remain private to just the people that they were intended for and our covers won't be blown. Merg is available now for free on Android, iPad and iPhone from Google Play and the App Store.

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