Developer description

With MessageTheManager businesses can receive anonymous customer feedback via SMS. All text messages come through to an online dashboard where the business can review their text messages and reply to any if they wish to.

The tool effectively transforms the mobile phones of customers into a dual suggestion box and comment card. Customers can text their suggestions and feedback to a business, knowing that their feedback will go straight through to the manager of the business.

The tool has been developed primarily because of one main reason - the vast majority of customers don't like to complain or even make helpful suggestions in person. Instead they tend to keep their grievances and ideas to themselves. This means that businesses miss out on many great ideas from their customers and the unhappy ones tend to go home and post their negative reviews on social media sites, such as on Facebook and Twitter.

Having a MessageTheManager number encourages customers to text the business immediately, giving the business a chance to resolve the complaint there and then before the customer goes home and potentially posts about their disappointing experience on a social media site.

To join MessageTheManager businesses must subscribe. After subscribing they are provided with their own dedicated number which their customers can text. They also have an online dashboard where they can view and respond to incoming text messages, and print-ready promotional material is also provided to help the business get the word out about their new feedback number.

The tool is targeted mainly at customer-facing businesses like restaurants, coffee shops, bars and hotels.

Last updated 17 Sep 2013