Developer description

MetaBright is a gameified platform where people can prove their skills and abilities.

MetaBright users creatively and competitively demonstrate their know-how by responding to an ever-expanding pool of community generated questions. These can take the form of multiple choice questions, tasks that you complete in the real world, or open-ended free response questions that reward creativity. Since our platform is open, we have a rapidly expanding collection of "Challenges" that cover a wide variety of skills. Each Challenge is a mini community of talented people all showing off their chops and urging each other to improve. We think this makes acquiring or learning a skill way easier and more enjoyable.

We are driven by a belief that it's better to demonstrate what you can DO as opposed to saying what companies you've worked for, or where you went to school. Resumes are totally insufficient. Aside from the difficulty of distinguishing oneself in a competitive marketplace, it's exceedingly easy for anyone to fabricate details about themselves.

For people who are new to a particular skill, they can use MetaBright to track their initial progress, discover what to learn next, and get inspired by the awesome answers of our community.

For people who are already experts, they can use MetaBright to demonstrate and showcase their skills, while casually competing with others.

Because MetaBright users have proven skills, recruiters are very attracted to the application as well. Recruiters use MetaBright as a way to identify candidates who possess the necessary skills for the jobs they need filled. This saves them hours of wasted time normally spent pursuing underqualified leads.

Last updated 15 Feb 2013