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IDFsoft releases METAL NATION for iOS.
February, 26, 2013: IDFsoft, an independent developer of mobile entertainment software, is proud to announce the international release of Metal Nation, a unique game that is available as a free download from iTunes and the Apple App Store today.
Metal Nation is an alternate history strategy game with fantasy elements that combines urban construction and city development with epic combat. Players in Metal Nation must collect resources and develop new technologies in order to build up their island base camps, maintain powerful armies, and try to lead the Allied Forces to victory over the Axis with the help of the mysterious Kvasir – super intelligent humans with amazing abilities. Metal Nation features elaborately designed single player missions as well as a fierce Challenge Mode, featuring player versus player battles and an international leader-board of rankings.
• Balanced Combat System: 4 categories of unit types, which can be upgraded, provide a wide array of strategic possibilities for your forces.
• Extensive Objective System: 20 levels and more than 150 missions for hours of intriguing game play.
• Engaging Background and Storyline: More than 50 scenarios and battles in the single player Story Mode with a developed plot and surprise twists.
• Unique Battle Mode: A turn based combat system with real-time elements requires you to take an active part in your battle plans. Deploy your formations, counter various units, and launch joint attacks to deliver a fatal blow to your enemies!
• Special Strategic Weapons: Defeat various bosses throughout the single player storyline to obtain components from the Axis forces to construct your own advanced weapons to help turn the tide of battle!
• Laddered Development: As you progress and level up, new buildings, units, and resources will be unlocked to support your growth.
• Interactive Social System: Send real-time messages and assist friends with production and commerce.
• Content updates: Metal Nation is continually growing! New features will be added and updated to ensure that players always have new and exciting missions to undertake.
• Free to Play: Metal Nation is free to download and play. There are in-app purchasing opportunities players can take advantage of, but they are not required to fully enjoy the game.
Fans of city building and strategy games will immediately feel at home in Metal Nation. For those new to the genre, a system of in-game missions function as tutorials that quickly bring new players up to speed.
Frequent events and numerous updates are scheduled to be added in the near future. For more information including screenshots, tutorials, and all the latest news, please visit the Metal Nation website, join us on the official Facebook fan page at, or follow us on Twitter at
The Metal Nation app is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or on iTunes here.
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IDFsoft is committed to bringing exciting games and applications to life for everyone to enjoy. Our team is passionate about games and internet applications, so we design from the perspective of what we know is fun, easy to use, and what will bring an enjoyable experience to users. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them!
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